Friday, January 31, 2020

The Menace of Students in Covenant University Essay Example for Free

The Menace of Students in Covenant University Essay The menace of indecent behavior among students of Covenant University. The Holy book says â€Å"it is the little, little foxes that spoil the vine†. The little foxes of indecent behavior are gradually eaten deep into the vine of Covenant University and spoiling her vine which is the students. To examine this topic a clear understanding of what indecent behavior is vital. Indecent behavior is a state of continuously going against moral standards that exist in the human societal setting. Moral standards only exist where humans live as animals are not obligated to moral standards. The menace of indecent behavior is eating deep into the Student body of Covenant University. This act of nuisance has become rampant among some of the students of the institution. Statistics have shown that 80 percent of expulsion cases Covenant University are linked or connected to immoral behavior. Examples of these behaviors are smoking, drinking, watching of pornographic movies, stealing overt sexual behavior, continuous possession of circular music despite warning, overt sexual behavior, possession of hard drugs etc. The negative effects of these indecent behaviors among the students cannot be over-emphasized. They include poor health conditions, addictions, bad habits etc. there have been various measures taken in the past to curb these acts. The measures include regular checking of hostels by members of staff, running medical test on students etc. but these measure has since declined and these students have returned to their old ways , and discovered new methods of committing their atrocities. However despite all these management body can also double-up measure to counter attack these behaviors. These methods include positioning of secret cameras in various points of the school. These locations include the classrooms, rooms, chapel, lecture theatres, cafeteria etc as these will go a long way in exposing these acts with little efforts, Also medical test on students should be reinforced to test for drugs, regular checking of halls at unexpected periods should be carried out to take the students by surprise. One may want to ask, what the management stand has been on these long standing issues. The management has frowned at these acts, meting out disciplinary actions to students found committing them. However the management body has also had its flaws in this. Most times when students are punished, asked to go on expulsion or suspension, the school grants them prerogative of mercy. They return back to school, committing more acts than they had done earlier before they were administered punishments. However the latest developments have shown that the school management body has â€Å"awakened from her slumber† as recent development has shown that prerogative of mercy shall no longer be granted to any erring student. These statements were gathered in last search of the Dean of students Affairs, Pastor Abiodun Adebiyi, in Lydia halls of resident. During the search a lot of contrabands which included Phones, contraceptives, drugs etc. There the Dean mentioned that all the students who were found with the contrabands will not be spared as punishments will be meted out appropriately and no prerogative would avail for them. Also there also being a constant monitoring of secluded hide-outs in the premises, and security men who aid the students to commit atrocities are monitored closely. However despite these measured taken there is still a high rate of indecency in the student body. This is on the increase on a daily basis. The after math of this is the fact that good and timid ones end of being influenced by the bad ones, for the fear of inferiority complex and the â€Å"wanna be syndrome†. This is unhealthy for the growth of the school as the aim of establishing the school will be defeated. Because instead of raising worthy leaders, who will transform the world, corrupt leaders who will compound the system will be produced from the system. In addition, it is also important that we understand that the future we seek as a people only lies with our youths. And for that to be achieved, attention must be directed towards the students, encouraging them to stop indecency whether visible or disguised. Having looked at indecent behavior, let us examine what the general effects of indecency can result in to. Basically these can be seen from 3 perspectives. The family, this is the smallest unit, though with the largest effect. Most times when this has eaten deep into the students, they go home and manifest them in their families, influencing their younger ones, in addition to that when they themselves become parents , they are unable to caution their children on their indecent behaviors , and advice them to behave properly. Another aspect is the school. On the side of the institution there will be misplaced priorities, as the vision of the school of standing out as a Mission University will become a mare dream, with morals becoming misplaced. Academics will be handled nonchalantly, the drive for success will reduced, as the student will give more time to gratifying their habits and indecent desires than craving for success. The last view point is the health perspective. As a result of consumption of all these hard drugs, e. g. cigarettes, and alcohols, there will be a high rate of liver problems, breathing problems which will not enable them perform maximally. Having looked at the definition of indecent behavior, few examples, where it is practiced, measures that have been taken about it in the past, how it can be reduced, and the effects. It is clear that it is a delicate area of the institution where the management has to look into and make necessary corrections, as this will boost maximum productivity amongst its students. In conclusion more drastic steps should be employed to ensure that the canker of indecency does not eat deep and destroy the existing structure therefore â€Å" all hands must be on deck† to correct this while we still have a chance. After this is done, a change is occur undeniable proofs to show for it. â€Å"As they say a stitch in time saves nine†.

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