Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Community Risk Assessment Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Community Risk Assessment - Assignment Example Implementation phase starts with the introductory meeting with the community leaders to discuss community problems. Then, information and data gathering follows. The researcher will explain the relationship of poverty, unemployment, and alcohol and substance abuse to criminal activity. The last step focuses on how the community uses the given information and decreases criminal activity.Evaluation PhaseThe decreasing risk of criminal activity in Chattanooga can be evaluated by the use of statistics or survey. Because poverty, unemployment, substance abuse and alcoholism are a long-term project, evaluation should take place from the period of 6 months to 1 year.Prognosis√É‚  Public policy and civic initiatives have reduced criminal activity related to substance abuse and alcoholism and was proven successful(McGinnis, Russo and Knickman, 2002, p. 84).The Healthy People Initiative also has broadened the functional status and quality of life, as well as the initiative in reducing health ca re disparities. However, the success of eradicating poverty and unemployment is still undetermined as cost-effectiveness or funding is was not clear and interventions are complex (McGinnis, Russo and Knickman, 2002, p. 86).Decreasing the risk for criminal activity requires funding from the local government. Acute care settings and rehabilitation settings will also aid in reducing risk for criminal activity. Among the other bodies that could help in decreasing the risk for criminal activity are the government, educators.... Healthy 2020 Objective aims to reduce the number of deaths attributable to alcoholism and substance abuse by 71, 681 deaths. A. Measures, Resources, and Personnel Eradicate, if not, minimize the risk of the community from criminal activity by addressing the problems related to poverty, unemployment, and drug and alcohol abuse. Poverty and unemployment can be accomplished through government and non-government programs while drug and alcohol abuse can be accomplished with the department of health, rehabilitation centers of the community, health-allied professionals, and cooperation from family and affected individuals. In general, decreasing the risk for criminal activity is a partnership between the law enforcement agencies, municipalities, communities, and NGOs. B. Role of Community Members The community member has a significant role in decreasing criminal activity of a community by participating in neighborhood-watch groups that provide information and support to the victims, patrol s the area, and deters subsequent criminal activity. C. Role of the Nurse The nurse primary role is early recognition of alcohol and drug problems through a thorough assessment. Further crimes can be prevented if the nurse recognize the risk factor early and suggest a possible treatment for patient, family, and authority. D. Role of the Others Among the other bodies that could help in decreasing the risk for criminal activity are the government, educators, health professionals, and family support system. The government is responsible for strict implementation of circulating policy, the health professions and educators for disseminating information and help centers, and the family for supporting and encouraging affected individual to seek

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